The Journey So Far
It began with an Italian racing
car driver, alighting on Australian
shores in this new world.


My father came to Australia in 1952 from his home town of Vicenza in Italy. That’s him in the picture racing in his homeland. His initial plan was to quickly earn enough money and return to Italy to buy a faster racing car.

He never sat still, always looking ahead, striving to improve and excel in
everything he did.

After a brief stint on a production line in Collingwood, where he helped to make Cherry Ripes, fate led him to a liquor and grocery store called Agostinos. It was there that my father began importing Italian foods for the shop.

 With his passion and determination, he helped transform that shop into a treasure trove of Italian food and wine catering to the new Australians who had arrived as assisted immigrants from Italy.
He bought in products that were unavailable in Australia at the time, mineral water, olive oil,
anchovies, pasta, tinned tuna, olives, salami, and Italian cheeses like Mozzarella and parmesan. He
also sourced table wines from Rutherglen, packaging them into flagons from behind the shop in Carlton, Melbourne.

His plans changed. My father's life took a different turn. He fell in love with his then English teacher and got married. At the same, time the owner of the shop he worked in fell ill and sold the business to my father and his two brothers. The money he had saved for his racing car became his first investment in Australia.


 My father had an innate ability to spot opportunities and had a genius for seeing the road ahead.


He always believed that Australians would one day develop a deep love for Italian food, and he was right.

Whenever an Australian would walk into Dad’s shop, he would greet them warmly, making them feel at ease. He would proudly introduce them to his products explaining why he loved them and why he was certain they would too.

He and his brothers went on to operate a chain of grocery and liquor stores across Melbourne called Agostinos. He also, on his own, purchased King & Godfree, a corner grocer in
‘Little Italy’ - Lygon Street, Carlton.

They expanded their business, operating a chain of grocery and liquor stores across Melbourne under the same name Agostinos. Additionally, as well as representing renowned Italian food brands like Lavazza coffee, they ventured into manufacturing and creating their own brands, such as Sirena tuna, and La Gina tomatoes. They also expanded into new fields, servicing the Italian community with the leading Italian newspapers, Il Globo and La Fiamma.

As their business grew, they increasingly focused on wholesaling, opening up new markets throughout Australia for their products.

In 1963, they relocated the wine production from the back of their first shop to a separate production facility they named Dorado.

  In 1979, they purchased a winery, allowing them to integrate the wine production.

Not scared to make brave calls to better drive the future, the family decided to sell most of their shops and focus on the winery venture, as well as the emerging wholesale and brand business.

  It was during this time that I, at the age of 24 and with no knowledge of wine, seized the opportunity to join the family's new winery and try and make my own mark.

Over the next 12 years, we poured our hearts and souls into the winery, growing it from a 75-tonne crush to over 3,500 tonnes. We sold more than 50% of our wines worldwide. We were flying.

But then, an unexpected offer came to my father and his brothers, tempting them to sell the winery. Dad was always prepared to make the hard call, so they sold.

Suddenly, it felt like I was back at square one, uncertain about my next steps and what the future held.

  Feeling it was time to embark on my own journey, I sensed there was more for me to explore in the world of wine. In 1993, I purchased the wine distribution company from my family, marking the beginning of my family's wine journey.

While my father's business mainly revolved around food, my focus increasingly shifted towards wine.

Although I had little knowledge of running a traditional independent wine distribution business, I felt I had a deep understanding of wineries and what they needed from their distributors.

  I recognized that good distribution was the vital link in the chain, crucial for building great wine brands. My hope was that, by creating something special, we would not only succeed but make our efforts worthwhile.

With the support of the foundation team - David Jemmeson, Frank Kraps, its accountant, and myself - we embarked on this new chapter.

We were a small team of six people in Victoria only.

Looking back, we were well-prepared for what lay ahead. Each of us brought complementary skills and had experience in every aspect of the wine business - from grape growing and wine production to sales, marketing, distribution services, logistics, retail, and even restaurants.

 We were passionate about building great wine brands and had an inbuilt belief of what they needed from their distribution partner to
help them succeed.

We were on the go and in a hurry. There was no middle ground, we felt we had to build
something special, or we would fail.

We expanded our presence across Australia, initially through partnerships and strategic alliances. Over time, we acquired those businesses from our partners or established our own offices.

 Today, we own and operate our distribution business in every state of Australia, with a partnership in New Zealand. We exclusively represent a collection of the world's finest wines. We offer a fully integrated service platform, from order to delivery. We also produce our own wines and have our own wine glass company, Plumm. From grape to glass.

Food has always been an integral part of our journey, and it remains so today. We own and operate La Zuppa, a market-leading brand in the soup category. We also have a partial ownership in Sirena tuna, alongside other family members. Additionally, we proudly run King & Godfree, a retail and hospitality outlet that pays homage to my father and the origins of our family business.

  My father was my university. I observed how he fought his battles, listened to his stories, and watched closely how he operated. Many things he taught me now embody the values and beliefs of Joval.

This is our story, a testament to the resilience, passion, and determination to improve.


What We Do


At the Joval Group, we are deeply involved in every aspect of the wine industry. At its core is wine distribution and logistics, then in time we have moved into grape growing and wine production. Our expertise spans across all key areas of fine wine. With over 60 years of continuous involvement, we have gained a profound knowledge and understanding of what truly matters in this industry.

We also have our very own wine glass company, Plumm. We are therefore involved in every step of the fine wine experience, from grape to glass.

Furthermore, we continue the journey started by my father in the food and hospitality industries, with our ownership of La Zuppa, a market leader in the soup category, our part ownership of Sirena Tuna and King & Godfree a retail and hospitality business.

  We build and nurture a collection of independent focused businesses that operate autonomously. Each business has its own management team and governing board.

If you’re curious to learn more, we invite you to explore further.



At Joval Wines, we approach fine wine distribution with a personal touch and a finely tuned strategy. We haven’t followed the traditional path of a distributor; instead, we have carved our own unique path.

We operate two distinct fine wine distribution companies, each with its own dedicated sales and marketing teams and wine portfolios. These companies are known as red+white and Mezzanine The Fine Wine Specialist. Together, they form the collective force of Joval Wines.


When it makes sense, Mezzanine and red+white collaborate, for example we utilise the same service platform.


Our wines are stored in temperature-controlled warehouses across the country, maintaining a precise 18-degree environment and next day delivery services.


To streamline the ordering process, we have a digital ordering portal called “Winesource,” which seamlessly integrates with our dedicated national customer service team. We are ready to fulfill our customers’ orders 24/7.

  Our primary focus is to foster close connections, build relationships, and truly understand our customers’ desires. Simultaneously, we act as brand builders and ambassadors for our esteemed wineries.

We distribute our wines to an extensive range of establishments throughout Australia, carefully placing them in restaurants, liquor stores, hotels, and clubs for the benefit of our winery partners and customers.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the operations of our two distribution companies, red+white and Mezzanine, we invite you to continue reading.



It all started in 1963.

We were called Dorado Distributors, and then Fesq Dorado & Co, FD&C Wine and now red+white. Each name change marks a significant step in our journey.

Today, we operate in every state in Australia and have a partnership in New Zealand known as red+white Cellar.

The + symbol is at the core of our identity

Symbolising our role as the the link between our winery partners and our customers, integral to who we are and what we do. It also embodies our central mission, to add value to all we deal with.




We're the younger sibling of red+white. We share the same great service platform and a love of wine and brands - but we've also forged our path, with our unique portfolio of wines and a team of dedicated wine specialists.

We started in 2004 with one person in Victoria and a small collection of wineries that we represented.


In 2011 we merged with “The Fine Wine Specialist”, a Sydney-based distributor, bringing on board some special people and wine brands.


We now operate in every state in Australia and represent an eclectic mix of passionate winemakers each with unique wines and stories to tell.


Over time we have seen many of our once-obscure wine brands grow into some of the most highly regarded, popular wines available.

Recently, we have partnered with established wine brands, who have decided to join us, recognising something special in the way we operate.




Mezz logo


In addition to representing and distributing wines as agents, we also have wineries and vineyards of our own.

Each winery operates independently, engaging with Mezzanine or red+white in the same manner as our agency wines.

Each winery operates independently, engaging with Mezzanine or red+white in the same manner as our agency wines. Through Joval Family Wines we work globally with export partners in over 20 countries worldwide.

  We have wineries in regions that are amongst the most suitable cooler climate regions in Australia and New Zealand. Ideal for varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, varieties we specialise in.

We also make wines from the Heathcote region In Central Victoria. A highly suitable region for the more full-bodied red varieties such as Shiraz, Tempranillo, and Nebbiolo.

  Our wineries are in Marlborough and Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand, and the Yarra Valley and Central Victoria in Australia.

To date we own and manage 175ha of vineyard across 4 regions of Australia and New Zealand with a focus on regenerative agricultural practises and sustainability from grape to bottle.

Visit Joval Family Wines Website


With over 50 years of experience in wine, and selling wine glasses for over 30, we launched our wine glass brand 13 years ago.

Designed in Melbourne, and manufactured in Europe, Plumm is the only wine glass brand owned and run by a wine company.

  Plumm is now sold in over 1600 restaurants in Australia and NZ and over 100 wineries. It’s sold in over 11 countries throughout the world.



Since 1987, we have operated BAM Wine Logistics, a freestanding logistics service provider to the wine and beverage industry.

We have temperature-controlled warehouses in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA and TAS, and pride ourselves on the quickest turnaround from receipt of order to delivery throughout Australia.

  Our deep understanding of the wine industry and our customers’ expectations is a key to BAM earning its position as Australia’s fine wine logistic specialist.
Visit BAM Wine Logistics Websites

How and why we do it


When it works at Joval, the pieces all seem to fit. It's seamless and feels so natural. Everyone with an important role to play regardless of how different their roles might be and where they sit in the organisation.


We are the distribution partner of many family businesses from Australia and throughout the world. Our customers come from all walks of life; most like us, are also family-owned.

  What seems to connect us all, is our passion and love for what we do.

We are proudly an important part of a close community, our winery partners and brands, our people, and our customers.

If you're keen to find out more, and what we think sets us apart, continue reading.


We’ve consciously and collectively built a culture that’s central to who we are and how we like to work. It’s an approach where great results are important but how we achieve those results is of equal importance.

We’re geared to success and growth but also to having fun on the journey, in an environment that’s both stimulating and inspiring.

We love to win and often do, but never by sacrificing our values.

We genuinely care for our customers, winery partners, our teammates and ourselves.

Trust & Integrity

Straight Talking...

  Trust is not a given. We earn trust through our actions. This is why we like straight talking.
We give and expect to receive professional, constructive and continuous feedback from everyone across the organisation, regardless of what position they hold in the company, even if it’s uncomfortable to do so.

We want open conversation. It’s not about what people want to hear, it’s about what we think is right. It’s also about questioning decisions or actions that we think might detrimentally impact the business, or our integrity, regardless of who’s responsible or their position in the company.

Empathy & Respect

Not me, Not you, Us...

  All our people, regardless of their role in the business, are treated with respect. Everyone has an important part to play.

We respect and welcome the diversity of our colleagues’ backgrounds and their different skill sets. We take our people’s safety and well-being seriously. We embrace and value talent And those who want to make a difference rather than simply gravitating to people similar to our selves.

We nurture and mentor less experienced colleagues and assist them in building their skills and advancing their careers. We stand up for our teammates if we believe they’re being ignored, disrespected or unfairly treated, making sure their efforts are properly acknowledged.

We treat others' concerns as our own, responding quickly, and never ignoring or dismissing matters that are important to others.

We always enjoy and openly celebrate the successes of our teammates and company.

We aim to foster and build long-lasting, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our teammates, winery partners, suppliers and customers.


Go for it!

  Things are moving fast and to keep up we demand the full speed of freedom .

We encourage our people to take on extra responsibility and have the confidence to have a go. Our people don’t need to be babysat. We want them free to be themselves and to make their own decisions within an agreed-upon framework.

We expect our people to work smart, make a difference and inspire others. We want them to take calculated risks and, if they get it wrong, they will not be berated but be encouraged to learn from their mistakes.

We aim for important decision-making every day to allow our people to grow and feel like they are making a difference.


Talk the talk, Walk the walk...

  We are always conscious of our promise to hold all of our colleagues to the highest standards of behaviour.
We communicate clearly about what is expected and are always unafraid to ask for further clarity if we are unsure. We ensure the right people receive the acknowledgement for great performance while, at the same time being prepared to own our own mistakes.


Together we fly...

  We’re proud to be part of a winning team and push ourselves to be the best team players we can be.

We share information openly with all our colleagues and believe the best decisions come from collaboration. Diverse views from different people with a variety of experiences are the parts that if brought together lead to the best decisions.

We believe that the best way to collaborate and make good quick decisions is when a selected individual takes ownership of every important decision. After consultation, the appointed person makes their call but ensures those involved all understand the reason behind their decision, especially those who may hold a different view. Explanation in place, everyone commits to make it work.

We encourage our people to offer a view of areas of the business beyond their own. Solutions often become clearer from a distance than when you’re immersed in them. To this end, we are interested and make time to listen, nurture, and embrace different perspectives from across the company.

Every person in every position young or experienced has something important to contribute.


Today’s plan: Tomorrow...

  Change is the only constant, so we make our decisions based on the future, not just looking after today.
We are curious and continually challenge the status quo exploring new and better ways to do things. We are not worried that we do things differently or if something hasn’t been tried before. We look for new ways to simplify and improve by challenging everything from processes to reports and job roles. Better never stops.

These values connect us and set us apart. They are what we are most proud of and work hardest to protect and nurture. It’s what we think makes Joval so special.

Our people are important to us above all else.

Every connection with one another, our customers, our winery partners, and our broader community all hold equal value.

We are driven to make a difference.

We love to win and often do but never by sacrificing our values.





We recognise it is not all about us. We have a role to play in the broader community and encourage all our employees to participate in causes that our team have selected and feel passionate about.

In addition to our financial contributions, we encourage our people to give their time and contribute by matching their fundraising initiatives dollar for dollar. As a business, we are proud supporters of:

redkite offers essential support to young people diagnosed with cancer, and support to their families, from the moment of diagnosis through treatment and beyond. As a family-owned business, relationships are central to everything we do making this partnership an important and natural fit with our core values.


Oz Harvest Australia’s leading food rescue charity. They collect quality surplus food, distribute it to people in need and divert food waste from landfills.

As a primary producer, we are concerned about the environmental impact of food waste. Our selection of Oz Harvest stems not only from our connection to food through the hospitality industry but also from an opportunity to support our donations with volunteering from within our team.


Clean-up Day is Australia’s largest community-based environmental event. What started as a simple Australian idea, has now expanded into 120 countries with an estimated 35 million people annually taking part. With our people across Australia, many take part within their local communities to help support this great Australian initiative.

Joval Group is a voluntary signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant, an initiative which encourages businesses to use more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.

 Joval Group also aspire to play our part and try and minimise our impact on the global environment.

We aim to maximise the effective use of resources throughout our operations whilst providing outstanding products and services to our staff, customers, and stakeholders.

We have an employee who drives and manages a multitude of activities to assist us in reducing our global footprint.

Our Team


Our team leaders are based throughout Australia, we don’t have a head office. We call our Melbourne office which houses many of our services ‘our support office’.

We’ll give you a brief outline of some of the people below.

1 Dominic Robinson
Sales Director at Joval Wines

I have worked with the group for over 20 years. During my journey, I have progressed within the business holding several roles from Area Manager, State Manager and now Sales Director.

Prior to working with Joval, I completed a bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture, though after travelling extensively through European and Australian wine regions, chose a career path I was more passionate about in wine.

My role is to continue to build on our strong sales result whilst balancing our customer and winery partner expectations. Passionate about people and wine, my focus with Joval has been creating strong and rewarding long-term partnerships through open communication.

2 Vicky Ly
Head of People & Culture at Joval Group

When I was a kid, I dreamt that I would be able to shake everyone’s hands and connect people from different worlds with each other.

Over the years, it was less about shaking hands - I wanted to connect with others. I spent a year abroad in Belgium and thought that my career would look like being a diplomat and being able to live and work overseas. Although I don’t travel overseas as part of my role, I get to experience different parts of the world through wine AND I get to connect people - to people, to roles, to ideas, to tools, to stories and experiences.

I found myself in the world of HR about 10 years ago and have not looked back. I’m passionate about people and their journeys, empowering and enabling others and looking at ways to improve and help fertilise the environments around me. I feel proud and lucky to work at Joval, with a fantastic team and surrounded by such passionate and clever people I’m constantly learning from!

Get it in touch with my team if you’d like to explore the next part of your journey with us.

3 Tim Menting
Group Chief Executive Officer at Joval Group

I have worked with the Joval Group for over 17 years and been Group CEO since 2018. I originally wanted to play cricket for Australia before talent limitations led me to a career in Chartered Accounting. My clients included some of Australia’s most successful wineries, and I became hooked on the wine industry.

I oversee all aspects of our Group including wine distribution, production and logistics, in Australia and globally. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’ve seen rapid growth as well as my share of turbulent times. Through it all we’ve built something we’re proud of – a dynamic Group, underpinned by a strong and vibrant culture. I place a premium on the development and wellbeing of our people. The wine and hospitality industries are built on relationships, and great relationships become possible when you have highly engaged and skilled people on your team.

4 Bree Richmond
Brand Director at Joval Wines

I started my career at Joval 22 years ago, in a Customer Service role. I became Customer Service Manager, a role I had for 7 years, before moving to the Marketing team. I found my love for reporting, spreadsheets and analysis within a Marketing Coordinator role which was put to great use, along with the relationships I was fortunate to have with our incredible Winery Partners.

I’ve been privileged throughout my career at Joval to have exposure to many different parts of our business, including Customer Service, Supply Chain, Sales and ultimately ending up in the role I was destined for. My two great passions in life are wine and food and since moving into a Brand Manager role seven years ago, I’ve been able to utilize both with the restaurants we work with and of course our Brands.

My current role as Brand Director, managing a team of Brand Managers and a Trade Marketing team is incredibly fulfilling. Being able to work within the wine industry, to share stories of winemakers and the history of brands with our customers is such a pleasure.

5 Andrew Stoneham
Chief Information Officer at Joval Group

I’ve been with Joval Group since 2017.

I lead a diverse team and together we deliver business improvement and technology services across the Group. I’m passionate about leveraging technology to deliver a great experience for our customers, and Joval gives me plenty of scope to chase this with a great team and culture in place.

Prior to joining Joval, I spent 15 years in various business and technology leadership roles around the world. This included 8 years in the UK (where I met my wife), and time in Papua New Guinea, Africa, and Indonesia.

I love wine and feel very fortunate to combine my interests with working for a true market leader.

6 Gary Crawford
Chief Executive Officer at Joval Wines

I’ve been Joval Wines GM/CEO since 2016, and have worked with the Joval Group for over 17 years in various leadership roles mainly in sales and marketing. Born in Edinburgh Scotland my family immigrated to Australia when I was very young and now call the northern beaches of Sydney home.

While it has been a roller coaster ride I’m very proud of what we have achieved as a business and how our people have grown and developed over the journey. Its all about delighting our customers and connecting them with our amazing winery partners. This is only possible with a highly engaged passionate team which we are very lucky to have.

We never take anything for granted and better never stops.

7 John Valmorbida
Creative Director and Founder of Joval

I was surrounded by business all my life. Family and the family business were intertwined.

I always wanted to make my own mark in business, thats if I didn’t get recruited by Carlton, which I didn’t.

I have always had a passion for brands. I’ve also focused on mapping a path forward for the business through what always has seemed like heavy traffic.

It was hard to get a kick in our big extended family business, with a pecking order well established.

When I broke out on my own, this drove my business approach.

I’ve always believed in building teams of good people all chasing the same thing and letting them run. Also, I believe that if you try your hardest to add value to all stakeholders, the rest looks after itself.

The most fun for me is seeing our people and brands fly.

I worked as a manager of our broader families winery for 12 years before I started my own journey in business and when we started Joval.

I love what I do ~ so many passionate people, all working together is the only way to create success.

My unofficial, self named title is now Creative Director - I’m free to try and add value wherever I think is important, leaving the operations to others. It’s a great job, taken a while to get it.

Frank Kraps
Executive Chairman at Joval Group

Born and educated in Melbourne with a strong background in finance, I have always loved the wine industry. In my early days I owned a retail liquor store and there learned the importance of customer service and teamwork.

I have been Chairman of the Joval group for over 10 years in a career spanning over 30 years working in FMCG for the same group. We started as a small Victorian distribution business to now being a successful and well-respected national group. Living in Melbourne spoils you from a sport perspective and I enjoy watching most that this city has to offer. My external involvements as a Fellow of the AICD and CEO Institute helps me stay in touch with current affairs. This industry and the people I work with still keep me enthused and motivated.

Rupert Steenberg
Sales and Marketing Director at Joval Family Wines

A keen eye for fine wine (& love) brought me to Australia in 2010. Leaving behind my English roots, I spent several years working in sales, marketing and brand management before joining the Joval Family Wines Team in 2021.

I spend most of my time on the phone while walking around the office, and can be very annoying. Fortunately, I’m not in the office all the time.

Brendan Schutt
Chielf Operating Officer at Joval Family Wines

Described by some as a “treasure of innocence” with 35 years of end to end learnings, although I may beg to differ!

After 30 years with Brown Brothers, I joined Joval Family Wines in 2018. Having great fun helping guide a really young, talented team through the numerous challenges of being a first class producer in a complex environment – vine to glass.

“All the ducks need to line up” is probably my most used phrase. (Made a few playing cricket!).

The last few months has seen walking holidays in Tasmania and NZ – cannot wait for the next adventure!




Arrivals Event


Arrivals Event


TeMata Executive Dinner


Shaw + Smith Shiraz Workshop


Mezzanine TFWS Other Wine Company Visit


Joval Xmas Party


Joval Xmas Party


Hickenbotham Masterclass


Giant Steps Vic Team Visit


Felton Road Trade Lunch


Hilary and Sally's 25yr Anniversary


Clovis Tattinger Visit

June 2022

Joval Thank You Dinner

June 2022

Joval Thank You Dinner

June 2022

State Sales Managers Conference

June 2022

State Sales Managers Conferenc

June 2022

State Sales Managers Conference

May 2022

Plumm Team

May 2020

Super Sunday at Nanny Goat Vineyard

May 2020

Super Sunday at Nanny Goat Vineyard

May 2020

Super Sunday at Nanny Goat Vineyard


Many of our winery partners like red+white's Oliver's Taranga sent our teams care (wine) packs to get them through lockdown and COVID restrictions. We're all in it together.

August 2020

Due to COVID, the teams have had to adapt quickly to the shift in winery partner visits and training. Thank you Microsoft Teams!

August 2020

The recent restaurant restrictions have seen our teams spend more and more time in retail outlets showing off their visual merchandising skills.

July 2020

During COVID restrictions we launched – a website housing a suite of initiatives geared to support restaurants with resources and cash injections.

July 2020

One of our unsung heroes Adrian Williams in our National Accounts team celebrates his 15 year anniversary with the Joval Wine Group.

April 2020

Paying homage to the legendary Don Lewis. The wine industry lost a true gem when Don passed in 2017. Lucky for us, his legacy lives on in the beautiful wines of Tar & Roses, exquisitely crafted by Narelle King.

April 2020

Snow falling near the Nanny Goat Vineyard this week, but vintage 2020 in Central Otago is looking great.

April 2020

You’ve heard of remote working but the Mezzanine TFWS team are now remote dining. All in aid of supporting our hospitality friends through this tough time.

April 2020

The Catalina Sounds guys putting the ‘remote’ in remote working all the way from the vineyard in Marlborough.

March 2020

Mezzanine TFWS QLD State Manager Gae Grant, Ghanem Group Sommelier Penny Grant and Antoine Heurtier, Emporium Hotel Sommelier at the Nanny Goat Vineyard Benchmark Tasting.

March 2020

Getting our hands dirty (albeit with gloves) and helping to keep Australia beautiful. The SA, WA, NSW, VIC and QLD offices all took part in Clean Up Australia.

March 2020

It’s International Women’s Day and we are one of the few wine companies whose management team is predominately female.

FEBRUARYruary 2020

Happy Australia Day Everyone! To mark the occassion, the Vic office held an Aussie BBQ with all proceeds going to the Victorian Bushfire relief Fund (Australian Red Cross & RSPCA). $470 was raised in total!

FEBRUARYruary 2020

The VIC team enjoy a post ARRIVALS drink.

March 2020

Our Sydney team cooking up 120 delicious meals for those in need and learning more about the great work

FEBRUARYruary 2020

Melbourne! We’re here and ready to pour. So many of our great imported brands will be joining us at ARRIVALS trade tasting event

FEBRUARYruary 2020

The New South Wales team helping out at @ozharvest. OzHarvest is a food rescue charity that collects excess food from businesses and delivers it directly to more than 1300 charities.

FEBRUARYruary 2020

Milly doing her thing for Urban Wine Walk.

January 2020

Sally McGill enjoyed a comprehensive tasting of some very special Graci wines whilst visiting Alberto Graci (L) and Riccardo Negri (R) in Etna, Sicily over January.

January 2020

Meet Rising Wines new winemaker Anthony Fikkers. He’s worked with some winemaking heavies… looking forward to what he brings to v20.⁠

January 2020

Great pic of sales team on last day for @tash_johns 😢

January 2020

Happy 20th Birthday to our mates at @whistlerwines. These Barossa stalwarts have been grape growing and making wine for four generations.


Haylee Nicholls and Manu Fidel at ‘The Sauce’ Event.


Will Gilbert’s visit in December 2019. Gilbert Family Wines is a new brand to red+white.


Perth team Christmas lunch 2019.


Finance Team winning our People’s Choice Award for Best Film at the JWG annual short film festival.


The tech services team get together for some bare foot bowls action.

November 2019

To our friends Martin and Michael, congratulations on 30 wonderful years of Shaw and Smith.

November 2019

Cracking day for a Catalina Sounds vintage lunch with the NSW team and customers.

OCTOBERober 2019

Launching the Plumm Three - The Sommelier Series. Our newest range of elegant European crystal wine glasses.

OCTOBERober 2019

Narelle King from Tar & Roses wins the Pinot Grigio Trophy at the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards.

OCTOBERober 2019

The Royal Melbourne Wine Awards... all poured in Plumm Wineglasses (4209 glasses to be exact!).

OCTOBERober 2019

The new Nanny Goat Cellar Door is open!


Melbourne RedKite Corporate Trivia night.


Felton Road Masterclass with Blair Walter.


Tasting some new Luigi Einaudi wines from Barolo with their export manager Nick Bielak.

August 2019

Joval team attending and representing us at the RedKite Corporate Trivia night in Brisbane.

August 2019

The Sydney team took part in City to Surf and raised over $15,000 for the Sydney Children Hospital.

August 2019

The Queensland team aims to raise $10,000 for cancer diagnosis.

July 2019

Masterclass at our Sydney Wanderlust tasting event.

July 2019

AIX tasting at our Wanderlust event in Victoria.

July 2019

The WA team visit the Dal Zotto Restaurant in the King Valley, Victoria.

June 2019

Christian, Otto and Michael Dal Zotto, winners of the Halliday Dark Horse Winery of the Year 2020 award.

June 2019

Cullen Winemaker Andy Barrett-Lennard, Chief Winemaker and Managing Director Vanya Cullen and Viticulturist Matt Dermody accepting their Halliday Winemaker of the Year award.

June 2019

State representatives of MTFWS celebrating Halliday award wins with Peter Fraser of Yangarra, Cullen Viticulturist Matt Dermody, Chief Winemaker and Managing Director Vanya Cullen and Winemaker Andy Barrett-Lennard.

May 2019

Give it up for our 2019 Christmas in July bad sweater top 4! Congratulations to Paul, Rupert, Bel and Elloit.

May 2019

The team up at Rieslingfreak celebrating their 10-year anniversary.

May 2019

Great shot from the Shaw and Smith 30th Vintage Yum Cha.

April 2019

Champagne Louis Roederer winemaker Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon showcasing their superb Cuvées with our red+white SA team.

April 2019

Shaw + Smith 30th Vintage Yum Cha and the release of the 2019 Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc.

April 2019

James Tomkins, one of our greatest Olympians and above all a great person, joins us for an inspirational talk.

March 2019

We’re pleased to be releasing this week the hotly anticipated 2017 M3 Chardonnay and 2018 Pinot Noir from @shawandsmith.

March 2019

W E L C O M E @nickolearywines to the Mezzanine The Fine Wine Specialist portfolio in VIC, QLD, SA & WA!

March 2019

The passing last weekend of our great friend Colin Campbell after a short illness marks the end of an outstanding era of achievement in the wine industry.

January 2019

Laurent Fédou Canard-Duchêne Chef de Caves catching up with some of our favourite customers.

January 2019

Our NSW Mezzanine TFWS Women in Wine.

January 2019

Jason from Black Cottage Wines hitting the road in Brissie.


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